Positive practices

Did you know?

Effective Staff Well Being Programs increase staff engagement by up to 38%.

Healthy, Happy and Engaged staff are up to three times more productive than staff who are just there for the money.

Happy staff are more focussed on what they can contribute  and less focussed on how much they earn.

Approximately 60% of staff absence is directly attributable to stress and lack of engagement.

Two out of every three people who leave do so because of their manager and the climate they create.  Replacing those who leave costs anywhere between and extra 50% and 150% of their first twelve months salary.

It's important that your staff well being program is engaging, useful, purposeful and directly linked to your business needs.  Rod will tailor a program that will match your needs, your staff needs and will deliver results.  New Paradigms programs are all tailored to your business, they are not one size fits all programs.  Before any program commences we will consult extensively with you and ensure that what we design meets your needs.

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Staff Well Being